What is Tob-E?

Tob-E is your virtual assistant in the digital space. As you would agree, chat is the new email and it has now become the natural form of seamless communication. Chat conversations with Tob-E helps you with getting your queries on our products and services intelligently answered instantly. If your query is beyond the level of comprehension, Tob-E passes it on to the next level to clarify and come back with a solution.

What can Tob-E do for you?

  Break through the language barrier

Tob-E speaks your language and gives you a natural experience, with its ability to understand and speak different languages. Leveraging artificial intelligence, shared open-source efforts and natural language processing (NLP), Tob-E helps you expand outside your current local market into entirely new customer bases and new languages. Tob-E, by chatting with new clients in their native language, saves time, money and frustration for customers, staff and yourself. Tob-E can even understand less formal shorthand, internet slang and typos.

  Grow your brand through AI powered solutions

Tob-E brings in an intelligent blend of human interaction and technology application with artificial intelligence, the promise of the future. Businesses are vying with each other to grow their brand using AI. It automatically registers customer behaviour and maps their usage patterns. AI-enabled systems can capture, store, analyse and predict customer's reactions and choices. Brands can even make use of deep learning, NLP and machine reasoningfor building a seamless customer engagement platform.

  24/7 automated support system

Tob-E’s services are available round-the-clock. You can ask Tob-E any doubt whenever you may have. Engaging conversations with Tob-E saves you time as the responses are quicker. This saves much money too, with a better return on your investments. Tob-E helps in greater customer satisfaction as errors are eliminated and hence an increase in customer base is guaranteed. And yes, Tob-E adds a dash of humour to the chat conversations too!

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